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Exclusive benefits

only if you book directly from our official website

  • Best Tariff on the Web! If you can find a lower price for the same period and for the same type of room on another website, we kindly ask you to contact us and we will offer you a further 10% discount. Many travel websites charge extra taxes for online bookings.
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  • Free Wi-Fi Internet in the entire structure.
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Welcome to Chiavenna! Welcome to Hotel Crimea!

This hotel is family run from generations, but the custumer service is always spot on.
A welcoming and friendly envirmental.

Simple, smart, spot on


The hotel is located less than 5 mins walk from the train&bus station.
Just about 5min to reach the town centre of Chiavenna.

Every Saturday is Pratogiano take place the local market, with lots of different stores.

Our hotel is located in Pratogiano.
Pratogiano is the typical area of the Crotti. Crotti are natural caves, with a constant wind called "Sorel".
Thank to this temperature, was the ideal place to mature cheeses, cold meats, wines.

We can't wait to welcome you in our world.