Chiavenna Hotel near Madesimo and St. Moritz

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How to reach the Crimea Hotel

Chiavenna, main centre of the valley of the same name is in the province of Sondrio, at the entrance to the valleys which rise, one to the Spluga Pass through the San. Giacomo Valley, and the other to the Maloia Pass through the Bregaglia Valley. At 333m above sea level, it is encircled by the Lepontine and the Retiche Alps which protect it from the cold Northern winds, and is affected by the mild climate of the nearby Lake of Como.

It is a small ancient town, situated on the deposits of landslides which gave origin to the formation of the crotti and the “Marmitte dei Giganti” and is crossed through by the Mera river, on which many original homes overlook.

Apart from the old town, which for centuries has maintained its consistent and unaltered appearance and the delicious wine, gastronomical and cultural propositions, Chiavenna, thanks to its strategic position, is the ideal base for both summer excursions and winter holidays on the nearby ski slopes of Madesimo and St. Moritz.

It is also the starting point of numerous historical paths, such as the Via Spluga, the Forcola road, the Via Bregaglia, the road from Savogno to Valle di Lei: alpine trails through which herds, trade, armies and ideas have passed.

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