Valchiavenna Crotti typical natural structures

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Crotto Crimea

Joined to the restaurant, the Crotto Crimea, which still retains its original characteristcs, for tasting typical dishes, wines, cheeses and cold meats.

The crotti are natural caves typical of the north of Italy and in particular of Valchiavenna.

They are natural gorges which penetrate into the remains of ancient landslides, broken away from the mountainside in distant times. Inside the Crotto, between the cracks in the rocks, a current of cold air constantly flows, called “sorel”, which maintains a constant temperature of around 8° centigrade all year round. We could define the Crotto as a tavern for the tasting of typical local products, such as pizzocheri, gnochetti of Chiavenna, spare ribs, polenta and bresaola.

The Crotto is also generally used for preserving food, in particular bresaola, cold meats, cheese and wine. Every year, in September the Crotti Festival takes place, in which thousands of Italians and foreigners happily participate.