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Attractions Chiavenna...a step back in time

Chiavenna offers the emotion of a jump into the past, as the small town has reserved its appearance and original charm for centuries. Its characteristic alleyways are particular, as are the doorways and the fountains in ollare stone.

A visit to Viale Pratogiano is interesting, an area with its age old trees characterized by the presence of the famous crotti.

In the nearby San Pietro Square you can admire the 16th Century Pretorio Palace which frequently hosts interesting art exhibitions and the church of San Pietro already mentioned in 1062 with the bell tower which was the municipal tower until the last century.

San Lorenzo’s Church is unusual with its Baptistery and its Treasure. Of particular interest is the Castle of the Balbiani Counts, the Salis Palace, the Mill of Bottonera, the Paradiso Park and the Vertemate-Franchi Palace in Piuro.

The Castle of the Balbiani Counts stands at the foot of the rock in the Castle Square, formerly called the Grand Square, and was the home of the Balbiani Counts, feudatories of Valchiavenna in 1400.

San Pietro’s Square, centre of official manifestations of the small town, is bounded by the building of the ex convent of the Agostinians and the adjoining church of San Pietro.